As a property investor you have many choices at your disposal in terms of how you will locate and buy your investment property.

The advantage of partnering with a company like Investors Prime Real Estate is that you can either ‘go at it alone’ and conduct unbiased market due-diligence, utilising our company’s unique 46 point due-diligence criteria, together with our Property Research Kit, and secure or buy properties directly from the market, or, as a substantial percentage of our clients do, is leverage off the unique research and expertise of the Investors Prime Real Estate team and secure properties via us.

Our team of dedicated full time property professionals work all year round to determine which are the best project, by preparing briefs on literally hundreds of developments and potential development opportunities, based on a detailed set of criteria which include but are not limited to;

The Macro factors (Big picture stuff) that we consider in a given project;

  • The income demographic of the area.
  • The historical capital growth and future potential capital growth of an area.
  • The proximity of the project or property to the CBD and surrounding lifestyle amenities.
  • The transport and freeway infrastructure in the area.
  • The prestige of primary and secondary schooling in the area.
  • The vacancy rate and rental demand for the area
  • The volume of stock being offered in the area by other developers.
  • The volume of stock coming onto the market in the area.
  • The housing strategy of the council for the area.


The Micro factors (property specific) that we consider when evaluating a property in a project;

  • The cost per square meter compared to stock selling in the area.
  • The size of the property, number of bedrooms and demand for that type of property in the area.
  • The size and type of project, and its suitability for the area and demographics.
  • The layout and configuration of the property (floor plan).
  • The quality of fixtures and fittings of the property.
  • The builders’ and developers’ experience and track record.

Every property development that manages to pass our initial screening criteria is then placed under a microscope, and an extraordinarily detailed and carefully researched due-diligence kit is then prepared for every project offered to our clients for consideration.

Every month Investors Prime Real Estate will have a shortlist of developments that have passed our strict sourcing criteria, to be offered to our clients. Many of these properties will be offered to our clients at below valuation price, or they may be properties that have had their specifications and/or fixtures and fittings significantly upgraded.

Our unique sourcing process, methodology, and industry experience, not to mention resources and negotiation power, is your best assurance that your investment property will be sound and located in the very best blue chip areas of Melbourne, consisting of the right demographics and proximity to city, schools, transport, and lifestyle amenities.

The qualities of all shortlisted projects offered to our clients, focus on maximising the capital growth potential of that property in the medium to long term.

Our team of experts and professionals will show you how your newly sourced property can be maximized for capital growth.

Our preferred finance brokers will help you to establish and implement the correct property portfolio finance structure, which will enable you to maximise your potential of buying property year after year, and achieve your property investing goals.

If you’re looking to access state-of-the-art unbiased property education, or build a property portfolio consisting of blue-chip investment properties with strong capital growth potential, or gain access to our suite of property experts and preferred partners, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 000 000.

Book your complementary 60 minute property strategy session with a Property Strategist at Investors Prime Real Estate (Valued at $297).