About Investors Prime

Investors Prime Real Estate is a boutique, specialist real estate company which sources premium properties located in Melbourne’s Inner ring blue-chip suburbs. As Investors Prime Real Estate was founded by property investors for property investors, we appreciate the importance of providing the very best performing residential property solutions to our clients, who are seeking properties that will deliver above market, high capital growth potential, over the medium to long term.

That’s why at Investors Prime Real Estate we literally reject 95 per cent of properties in the market place, and predominantly target properties in established, affluent inner-ring blue chip suburbs around Melbourne city, specifically the Inner Eastern and Bayside areas. As the demographics of these areas are made up of predominantly high-income earners, historical data shows us that these areas have consistently outperformed all other areas in Melbourne.

It’s no wonder that Investors Prime Real Estate has become the preferred method of accessing premium investment properties by time-poor, sophisticated property investors in Australia.

In partnering with Investors Prime Real Estate you are aligning yourself with a company that is at the forefront of its industry, tapping into decades of combined experiences across all aspects of sourcing, that shortlist the very best residential property developments in Melbourne and Australia.

By leveraging Investors Prime Real Estate’s unique network, our clients have been able to gain an unfair advantage over other property investors, by accessing residential property developments created by both Australian and International, multi-award-winning, iconic architects, builders, developers, and urban designers, located in some of the best performing suburbs in Melbourne.

Investors Prime Real Estate prides itself on finding and securing the latest brand name residential property investment opportunities located in areas that are primed to outperform the general property market, medium and long term.

At Investors Prime Real Estate, we understand the importance of selecting and shortlisting properties for our clients based on superior geographic location, as well as specific property criteria and design that creates a winning combination of high capital growth and maximised rental yield for our buyers. That’s why Investors Prime Real Estate has been sought out by both novice and seasoned property investors alike.

Book your complementary 60 minute property strategy session with a Property Strategist at Investors Prime Real Estate (Valued at $297).