Here is a very small sample representing less than 1% of the currently shortlisted development projects offered by investors prime real estate to their clientele.

As investors properties real estate offers a unique tailor made one-on-one approach with their clients, we do not advertise our stock list to the general public.

At any one time investors prime real estate has access to over 300 to 500 townhouses developments sourced directly from some of Australia’s premiere developers, builders and award winning architects.

In most cases, the projects are offered ‘off-market’ directly to our clientele, so you will never see them advertised on any real estate websites, banners, or any other marketing campaigns.

For further information about our current developments please contact Konrad Bobilak on 0499 555 899 or via email; konrad@investorsprime.com.au

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Glenroy Townhouses

Central Glenroy located in a high-profile location offering excellent amenities...
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The vibrant inner-city suburb of Essendon is just 7km from...
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Brighton East Townhouses

This location delivers all the spoils of living at its...
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Brighton East has well-developed infrastructure and excellent environment, making it...
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The exclusive residences at 99 Hotham Street, Balaclava will soon...
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What sets Investors Prime Real Estate apart from all other main stream real estate agencies is our property screening and selection process, which sits at the core of our company’s value system, developed by its founder Konrad Bobilak. In fact, there are few, if any, organisations that go to the same lengths as we do, in assessing potential development opportunities. We are extremely selective in what type of projects we will ultimately recommend and short list for our clients.

Our unique property due-diligence criteria literally eliminates up to 95% of all properties available in the market place. This, in turn, gives our clients a competitive advantage over all other property investors, in terms of the quality of properties that they are able to access. Our stringent, 46 point due-diligence criteria consists of a detailed comprehensive analysis that focuses on all macro and micro aspects associated with each specific project or property.

For each property, these include, but are not limited to: the historical capital growth of its location, the nature and type of property itself, the past developments, track record and reputation of the team behind the project – which takes into consideration the developer, builder, design team, architect etc.

Key Research Considerations

The Macro Factors (Big Picture Stuff) that we consider in a given project;

  • High capital growth prospects (10% RP Data).
  • Area and property have no lending restrictions imposed by major lenders.
  • High weekly income households in the area (Demographics)
  • Rental demands (Below 2.5% Vacancy Rates).
  • Lifestyle areas; (Distance To) www.walkscore.com
  • Transport infrastructure. (Train, Tram, Bus)
  • Shopping locations and school zones or catchment areas.
  • The prestige of primary and secondary schooling in the area
  • Level of Development Restrictions in the area. (Height Restrictions, Density Restrictions, Heritage Overlay).
  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals in the area.

The Micro Factors (Property Specifics) that we consider when evaluating a property in a project;

  • The cost per square meter compared to stock selling in the area.
  • The size of the property, number of bedrooms and demand for that type of property in the area.
  • The size and type of project, and its suitability for the area and demographics.
  • The layout and configuration of the property (floorplan).
  • The level and quality of fixtures and fittings throughout of the property.
  • The builder’s and developer’s experience and track record
It’s no surprise that as a result of our uniquely stringent assessment process, very few projects and developers are shortlisted from the hundreds that are scrutinised and reviewed. This is by design. Our reputation and interests are on the line, along with yours, so we insist on being as sure as we can that the selected developments we make available are going to deliver.