[New Video] What the Australian 2019 Federal Election Result Means for Property Investors Right Now

by | Jun 13, 2019 | property

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Did you know that Sydney and Melbourne house prices have risen significantly following the federal election, which is a sign of the Australian property market finally improving and potentially moving in the next phase of the property cycle?

Whether you are a first home buyer, a passive seasoned property investor, or someone who is simply struggling to break into the property market, then the information that will be covered in this Webinar could be life changing for you!

You will learn why there is more wealth made at the bottom of every property market than the top by sophisticated in-the-know property investors. In fact, there is a massive transfer of wealth from the uneducated to the educated that happens in stealth at the bottom of each property cycle, once every decade of so, and most of the media and the uninformed public are completely oblivious of it!

That’s why timing is everything right now…

Did you know that Auction clearance rates rose strongly last week following the federal election, led by far stronger performances from the Sydney and Melbourne property markets?

According to data from CoreLogic, median home prices in Sydney and Melbourne also increased last week.

The improvements in market conditions in both Sydney and Melbourne is noteworthy, coming not only after the surprise Coalition victory in the federal election but also in the same week the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Australia’s banking regulator, APRA, flagged the likelihood of offical interest rate cuts and an easing in mortgage lending standards in the months ahead.

Further housing-related data in the period ahead will help to determine whether a turning point for the property market is currently underway, but my gut feeling is that the tide has turned, and it’s just a matter of time before we enter the next phase of the growth part of the property cycle in Melbourne.

However, by that stage all the discounts, rebates and distress stock will be snapped up once again by savvy, experienced property investors…like myself.

So the Million Dollar question is;

Do you have the skills and knowledge to correctly identify the very best long-term capital growth areas in Melbourne right now?

And here is the stark reality of the current situation…

You will either play the game, watch the game from the sidelines or 24 months from now, wonder what the hell happened?

You’ll be wishing you could go back in time to mid-2019 and buy an investment property at the very bottom of the property cycle.

That’s why it’s absolutely imperative that you register yourself for this webinar and gain this very time-sensitive information right now…before it’s old news…

Here are some fo the Key Topics that are being covered in this exclusive 1.5 hour webinar:

  1. Combined with the defeat of Labor’s negative gearing reforms and the Morrison government’s new scheme to help first-time buyers, analysts have begun tipping an end to property price falls across Sydney and Melbourne.
  2. Home buyers are set to receive a borrowing boost in the order of $100,000 because of a combination of looming changes to lending standards and interest rate cuts, new modelling shows.
  3. The likely impact on the Melbourne and Sydney property market of the proposed relaxation of loan serviceability rules flagged by the bank regulator APRA last week, according to modelling by independent Mortgage Planners.
  4. Why now is the ‘PERFECT ECONOMIC STROM’ for property investors and learn what you need to do NOW to make sure you collect your slice of the profits that will be made by savvy property investors in Australia.
  5. How to understand property cycles, state-by-state, and how to hone in, with laser-like precision, on Melbourne’s best current bargains offered in blue-chip suburbs by desperate vendors and developers that are available right now in the market place…and are likely to disappear when the Melbourne property market enters the next growth phase of the property cycle.
  6. And much, much, more…including my top 10 best growth suburbs revealed for 2020!

You see, money is made by both the timing of the market, and of time in the market.

Plus, during this webinar I will show you the top ten suburbs in Melbourne that have consistently hit double digits in Capital growth over the last 10 years, and more importantly, the top 10 areas that will have the highest potential to outperform the rest of the property market in 2020 and over the next 5 years!

I will also show you the exact type of properties, i.e house and land, townhouses or apartments to target in these areas, and why.

So what are you waiting for?

Watch this webinar recording now before I take it down!