[New Video] Top 10 fundamental things you must know about a suburb before you invest there!

by | Mar 10, 2020 | property

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The top 10 fundamental things that you must know about a suburb before you invest:


  1. 10 YEAR AVERAGE CAPITAL GROWTH (Research Tool: RP Data CoreLogic)
  2. AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD INCOME PER WEEK (Research Tool: www.id.com.au)
  3. High demand for housing combined with a critical shortage of stock, otherwise referred to as Demand to Supply Ratio (DSR) (Research Tool: www.dsrdata.com.au)
  4. HIGH WALK-SCORE OUT OF 100 (Research Tool: www.walkscore.com)
  5. TARGET SUBURBS WITH THE HIGHEST RANKING AND BEST SECONDARY SCHOOLS (Research Tool: www.bettereducation.com.au/results/vce.aspx)
  6. Buy investment properties in the suburbs which have the most sought-after shopping strips consisting of trendy cafés, fashion shops, beauticians parlours and gymnasiums, all set in life-style areas. (Research Tool: www.domain.com.au)
  7. Never buy investment properties in the suburbs which have lending restrictions imposed by financial institutions, banks and lender mortgage insurance providers. (Research Tool: www.qbe.com & www.ge.com.au)
  8. Buy investment properties in the suburbs which have the highest level of Development and Re-development restrictions imposed in the area by local councils. This includes suburbs that have Height Restrictions, Density Restrictions, Heritage Overlay, and single dwelling covenants on land blocks. (Research Tool: local council and town planning websites)
  9. Buy investment properties that are designed by Brand Name Award-winning Architects with a high-level of fixtures and fittings that appeal to the 29 to 35 younger professional high-income earners. (Research Tool: www.hia.com.au – awards)
  10. Buy investment properties that allow you to claim the maximum tax deductions and offer a minimum of 3.5 to 4 per cent rental yield, thus eliminating all ongoing holding costs to the investors. (Research Tool: www.Somersoft.com.au)