National Inflation is down to 4.3% which means that rate cuts are around the corner!

by | Jan 17, 2024 | property

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

New figures show inflation has slowed to a two-year low of 4.3% leading many to speculate there will be no need for further interest rate rises.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for November, show inflation is down from 4.9% in October. This is down from a peak of 8.4% in December 2022. Graph: Inflation falling as fast as it went up

The Commonwealth Bank is tipping a drop in interest rates of nearly 1 percentage point by the second half of 2024.

CBA chief economist Stephen Halmarick, believes cuts will start in September 2024, dropping rates to 3.6%. He also predicts a further 75 basis point drop in 2025 when inflation sits within the Reserve Bank of Australia’s target of 2% to 3%. This, he says, will bring the cash rate back to 2.85%.

This is excellent news for all property investors as blue-chip inner-city properties located in desirable suburbs will become cash-flow neutral, and in some instances positive!

This aspect of cash-flow positive blue-chip properties will be further accelerated by the current unprecedented increases in rental yields in ‘Key Suburbs’ around Melbourne and Sydney.

Imagine, buying a townhouse in Carlton, Yaraville, or St. Kilda and its cash-flow positive from Day 1!

But you have to have the specialised skills and understanding in order to unearth these rare gems?

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