How to Future proof yourself – By Staff

by | Oct 12, 2015 | posts, Uncategorized

Recently, we attended Deakin University’s Brookes Oration with this year’s special guest being Bernard Salt, Australia’s leading Social Demographer and partner at KPMG, giving his views on the changing nature of Australian society.


Based on his research he shared with us his views on the way we will work, live and play in the future. One of the key things he predicted was young people entering the workforce today would have between 15 to 20 jobs throughout their working lives. This seems a lot, until you consider that one of America’s top Futurists is currently helping educators plan the curriculum in the USA, is predicting up to 40 jobs in a young person’s working life!


Bernard Salt said that the future belonged to what he called “loveable geeks” – and that this was the only way to really “future proof” yourself. He went on to explain that, in conjunction with this many job changes & short tenures, it won’t be about the ‘qualifications’ you have – but it will be about what ‘skills’ (ie ‘geek’) you bring to the table and your ability in selling/pitching ‘yourself’ and ‘skills’ to ‘someone’ (ie ‘loveable’). Now, that ‘someone’ might not necessarily be limited to a traditional ‘employer’, – in fact with such as shift towards contracting/consulting, everyone is simply a ‘client’ – you have to look at yourself as your own business! This is especially significant as more and more people understand self-branding, wanting have their own business (especially part-time) around their unique skills/product, and the leverage of the internet to find their niche market around the globe.


Anyone in business knows the power of ‘pitching’ (ie ‘selling’) themselves/skills/product. If you are already in business, planning to be in business, or an employee who wants to ‘get ahead’ – and as a friend once explained to me, even as a ‘parent’ who has to sell ‘something’ over another to their children (think ‘eating all your veggies’ to ‘grow big and strong’) – this is a critical skill to master. To get good at anything, it’s best to model others, and then practise that delivery. A bit like ‘Shark Tank’, just a whole friendlier, – well that’s what the 2015 Business Marketplace expo (pls use Hyperlink to http://www.thebusinessmarketplace.com.au/ ) is all about.


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