First Time Investors

Choosing your first investment property can be a daunting task, typically with much uncertainty. However, it is perhaps the most important step in your property investing endeavour, as you will learn tremendously from acquiring, settling and managing your first investment property that cannot be learned from books and live events.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your investing journey is ‘to start’ investing; too often first time investors become overwhelmed and overloaded with due-diligence and suffer paralysis from analysis. Building and structuring a multi-million-dollar property portfolio that will eventually free you from work is based on a specific process much like a recipe for baking a cake.

When you want to bake a cake, you locate that special recipe you want to prepare. Then it’s a simple matter of sourcing quality ingredients, adding them in the correct sequence, and following the rest of the directions until you arrive at the finished product. The key is, to make sure that you get quality ingredients, in the correct order, or your cake will not be a success.

Building wealth through property is basically the same. The key is to conduct research, find out how other successful property investors have built and structured their property portfolios, who and what they have sourced, how they have made their money work for them, and for you to do the same. Once you have found the winning recipe or plan that has worked for other successful investors, then it becomes a simple matter of repeating the process until you have built and structured your investment property portfolio correctly.

To get started we recommend that you simply register your details below and you will receive 1 FREE 60 minute coaching session VALUED AT $297 (LIMITED TO 50 SESSIONS). Our Investors Prime Real Estate Property Strategists will conduct a Financial Gap Analysis and then outline strategies and actions to be taken to bridge the gaps to achieve your financial objectives.

During this complementary 60min session our Senior Property Strategists will;

  • Create a personalized strategy and action plan that helps you achieve your financial goals through residential property.
  • Teach you how to correctly build and structure a multimillion dollar property portfolio that will potentially enable you to create financial independence.
  • Teach you about the best boom areas to invest in and how to take advantage of areas that have had proven historical growth of over 10% per year over the last 10 years, from as little as $350,000.
  • Teach you how to tap into an exclusive strategy normally the domain of experienced property professionals and large developers.


  • How to reduce your taxes legally, potentially to $0.00.
  • How to build and structure a balanced real estate portfolio for positive growth and cash flow.
  • How to diversify your portfolio across different markets to minimize your risk and maximize your capital gains.


  • Understand market timing: learn about the property clock and which markets are hot right now.

Did you know that according to surveys only 8 percent of people successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions, which means that 92% fail to honor their promises to themselves. The majority of these resolutions revolve around health and fitness, dieting, and quitting smoking, and to a lesser extent creating wealth. While New Year’s resolutions are well intentioned, unfortunately most people fail to keep them, and in a very short period of time, they ultimately go back to their old habits. Before they know it, they find themselves in the exact same situation or set of circumstances they were in the year before. So what is the cause and reason behind this mass failure by people to achieve their goals and change their habits? And more importantly, what specific actions can be taken to avoid falling into the 92 percentile of people that fail? Here is my personal step-by-step guideline to achieving success in property investing.

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