Controversial New eBook Shows How You Can Turbo Charge Your Borrowing Capacity!

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Dear Investors,

Did you know that Melbourne is now Australia’s new hottest housing market having just overtaken Sydney for the fastest growing property prices?

In fact property prices in Melbourne grew 2.5 per cent in January 2016 compared to Sydney’s 0.5 per cent rise, according to the latest CoreLogic RP Data figures.

In the past 12 months, Melbourne’s housing market grew 11.8 per cent while Sydney’s growth was 10.5 per cent.

So permit me ask you a question…

Is your serviceability (the amount of money you can borrow) stopping you from entering the property market, or buying your next investment property?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you must Download and Read my new eBook called;

12 Ways to Super-Charge your Borrowing Power…without necessarily increasing your work income.


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By reading this eBook you will;

  1. Learn and understand that income types are treated differently by different lenders, at the extreme end of the spectrum, some income types may be excluded altogether by some lenders and included by others. This alone can make a significant difference in your overall borrowing power or ability to buy multiple investment properties.
  2. Learn the advantages and disadvantages for couples in applying for investment loans in their individual names rather than in their joint names. You will learn why this seemingly simple process can significantly boost a couples overall borrowing capacity with specific lenders.
  3. Learn why sophisticated property investors utilize multiple lenders when building their property portfolios and the importance of understating that some lenders look at ‘actual loan repayments’ whilst others ‘benchmark loan repayments’, knowing the difference is essential for you as a property investor.
  4. Learn how savvy property investors utilize other people’s incomes or equity via Joint Ventures (JVs), which is simply joining forces with a business partner, friend or family member and pooling your resources together. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Joint Ventures (JVs) used to leverage other people’s borrowing capacity, or to leverage other people’s equity, in order to buy investment properties.
  5. Learn the pros and cons of consolidating your short term debts into long term debt, and how this very simple principle can lower your overall monthly financial commitments, thereby boosting your overall buying power. This section is relevant for both first home buyers and property investors alike.

Plus much, much more…


Kind Regards,


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P.S. Once you download your F.R.E.E eBook, I will also send you a bunch of very cool bonuses consisting of webinar recordings, videos, and more eBooks that I have created for my private clients…so keep an eye out for these over the next few days…