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Learn how to set up your very own Real Estate Mastermind Team of Industry Experts & Specialists to help you Fast Track your Property Portfolio Acquisition.

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If you are serious about learning how to build and structure a multi-million dollar property portfolio from scratch, then this eBook constitutes essential readying for you!

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This eBook acts as a quick guide on how to set up and leverage your very own Real Estate Mastermind Team of industry experts and specialists that can be used to fast track your property portfolio acquisition and eventually enable you to attain financial independence.

The exact list of industry experts and specialists that make up your Mastermind Team, and the difficulty associated with accurately identifying and pre-qualifying the relevant experts, which will ultimately form part of your Mastermind Team. This eBook explores some of  the key questions that you need to ask your experts in order to correctly pre-qualify them or eliminate them from your team.

The 3 Key components that make up the Property Investing Wealth Formula and why it's essential that you understand all 3 parts, and why your ability to objectively assess your current level of financial literacy and level of awareness, will form an essential element of your ability to succeed in property investing.

By reading this eBook you will learn;


The latest figures from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) show that 72.8% of Australian property investors own just 1 investment property, 18% of Australian property investors own exactly 2 investment properties, and less that 1% of property investors in Australia own 6 investment properties or more. This eBook explores the missing ingredient that separates the 1 % club from the rest...The Mastermind Team.




The Property Investing Wealth Formula and why it's literally the essential distinction between successful and unsuccessful property investors in Australia. Understanding this one formula and more importantly applying it correctly could mean the critical difference between your success and failure in building and structuring a large property portfolio.

Why having the right 'Investors Psychology' is virtually responsible for 80% of your success when it come to property investing. This eBook gives the reader an understanding of how successful property investors approach property investing, and that it has more to do with what belief systems they adhere to and how the operate, that makes all the difference. As Wallace D Wattles put it in his famous book 'The Science of Getting Rich', the rich get rich by; "Doing things in a certain way" not by doing "certain things".

In other words, it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it, and that's what gets results.

Plus much, much more...


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Igor Loutkovsky - CEO Loutkovsky Insurances

"Konrad Bobilak is one of Australia's leading Presenters on Finance and Property. He not only imparts this knowledge but provides the tools that people need to actively transfer information to action."

Australian Property Finance Made Simple new book for 2016

Please note that this eBook is based on an extracts from the book ‘Australian Property Finance Made Simple’ by Konrad Bobilak

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How to potentially save thousands of dollars in interest payments, and pay off your current 30 year Principle and Interest Mortgage in 15 years or less, potentially saving you tens or even hundreds of dollars in interest payments to the bank.

How to correctly structure your first and subsequent investment property acquisitions, and why you should never cross-collateralise your properties.

The function and importance of LVR (Loan To Value Ratio), LOC (Line Of Credit facilities), LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance), Offset Accounts, and Terms and Conditions loans.

How to beat the banks at their own game by understanding the exact formulas that the banks use to work out how much money you can borrow; DSR (Debt Servicing Ration).

12 Powerful Ways to 'Super-Charge' your borrowing capacity that will enable you to buy more property than you ever thought possible.

19 Crucial Questions that you must know in order to choose the best Mortgage Broker in the industry.

12 Most Common And Deadly 'Property Finance' Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them.

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Konrad Bobilak, the CEO and founder of Investors Prime Real Estate, has spent his entire career in the Financial Services, Banking, and Real Estate industries in Melbourne. 

Konrad’s formal education consists of a Bachelor of Business Management (B.Bus.Mgt), at Monash University, specialising in Organizational Change, later undertaking further studies in Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking and his ultimate passion, Real Estate. In addition, he has extensive experience in Managed Funds, Risk Insurance, Real Estate Sales, Commercial Lending, Residential Lending, and Asset Finance, as well as being a Financier for one of the four major banks. 

In his variety of roles, working predominantly with high net worth individuals, Konrad has literally had a wealth of exposure to the unique mindset and financial structures of truly successful people and investors. It is his experience and insight that renders him a most astute investor himself, having personally built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio in Melbourne and Queensland over the last decade; he truly practises what he preaches. Konrad’s unique insights into ‘Wealth Psychology’ combined with a highly specialised knowledge of the Finance and the Real Estate Industry in Australia, have made him a sought after Real Estate and Finance key note speaker. 

Having taught tens of thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, Konrad has had the unique opportunity of sharing the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and Randi Zuckerberg in audiences of up to five thousand people. Konrad has also been a regular contributor of articles to some of Australia’s leading published real estate investing media. With real,hands-on experience in building start-up companies to multi-national, Konrad’s unique balance of practical, in-the-field sales experience, first-hand depth of experience in finance and real estate knowledge, as well as executive management experience, has resulted in Konrad been one of the most sought after consultants in his field as well as being recognized by many as the one of the most progressive thinkers in the Industry at present.

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