Lustrous Sunshine – an ever-evolving pocket of Melbourne, radiating with urban charm and gleaming with cultural diversity. A mere 11kms from the city’s bounds, the connected domain is one where the choice between tranquility and vivacity is yours to make. An abundance of parks lend a green hue to the suburb’s aura, paired with hubs of recreation aplenty.

At the beck and call of all Sunshine has to offer resides Verse, a collection of residences curated to enrich the very lives of those within them. Considered design, inherent livability and immaculate quality on all fronts deliver an exemplary definition of home.

Ingeniously brought to life by Chamberlain Architects, Verse showcases distinctly modern architecture, instilled with an air of understated luxury. Each home has been curated with its future occupants in mind, tangible in the meticulous attention to detail, generous floor plans and commitments to functionality that present themselves in each living area.

Crafted with a deep understanding and respect for the garden suburb ideology, these homes are inspired by the very site they reside on, where pre-existing trees have been retained and incorporated into the design. Bold, though first and foremost a ‘home’, Verse is born of a truly remarkable design philosophy.

A masterpiece of Verse’s stature comes as a result of ingenious minds working together in perfect synergy. Every aspect of this project, from conception through to creation, has been shaped and inspired by a team of professionals impassioned by the idea of bringing these residences to life. Where envisioned architecture works in harmony with considered landscaping, Verse represents an assembly of the utmost expertise.


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Property Information

Project Name:  Verse

Address: 7-17 McCracken St & 18-28 Wilkinson Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020

Number of Townhouses: 37 Townhouses

Townhouse Configuration: 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Townhouses

Priced: $599,000 - $815,000

Completion and Settlement due: Early 2020


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